Thursday 7 October 2010

Cloister Organised

I have been organizing my blog this evening and so there are a few changes. Firstly, the buttons on the side still direct you to the most recent post in any given theme, so that's good. I also wanted to make it easier for my readers (i.e. me) to find older posts on different topics. Particularly, I thought it might be nice to look up authors and books I have written about. And, what with my new series on food, I wanted people to be able to find recipes. So, I have added a section along the sidebar for indexes. Each one shows up the different posts so they can be easily found. Okay, it is not strictly alphabetical or numerical, but if I did that I would consider myself a changed human being. The lists are fairly short at the moment, but I hope I will have the determination to allow them to grow gradually. The first series of this blog, back when it was called Under the Cross, has also been logged more effectively so you can look up each of the Stations of the Cross. It nice to feel that everything is getting into order!

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