Friday 15 January 2010

Okay, already

So, I have not blogged properly for over a year. I know. Terribly irresponsible. But, I am back now, and will endeavor to improve. I have been thinking about a new series, or theme, for my blogging enterprise. It is always so much better when you have a focus.

At the moment I am teaching at Canford School, Dorset, and studying for my DPhil Theology, Oxford. I had a meeting with a Professor in Oxford the other day and we had a long conversation about truth and truthfulness. My project is about the ethical responsibility of the the British broadsheet newspapers. It is an application of Catholic social teaching, particularly relating to the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good in social communication. I could talk informally about that?

Or, I could think again other passions and hobbies of mine: walking, animals, wildlife, gardening. food?
Or just a passion for books, trivia, religion, faith and what not?

I am having a think.