Monday, 31 January 2011

Wasabi Slaw (Reprise)

Back when I had a blog that was called Lost Causes, there was a post about my addiction to coleslaw which made an appearance at the beginning of February 2008. I think it is time it made a come back. The first of February is, in my head at least, always the First of Spring. All the leaves have fallen from the trees, the snowdrops are out, it is my big brother Stephen's birthday and soon there will be lambs gamboling in the fields. The sun is shining at the end of the garden in Shipton today, and it feels quite warm if you stand in it. If you move into the shade by even an inch though, you freeze! Anyhow, this recipe makes me happy :) I like to make it when I have friends over and we can have lunch and a glass of wine. If you hang on until the 3rd February you could go a bit wild with the wasabi and get a bit of fire in your throat in honour of St. Blaise. (The blessing of the throats, traditional to 3rd February, always strikes me as a trust excersize. There are really very few people I would let anywhere near me with lit, crossed candles! ). Here is the post as it was on Lost Causes, back in the days of living in Bedford with Gemma :) 

This a new, but I think very addictive version of 'not quite junk food'. Gemma and I have long been fans of the coleslaw combo - coleslaw on toast, chips, roasties, baked potato, etc. However this has taken our 'slaw junkie habit' to a new, and if I may say so, dizzying height.
110g Red Cabbage 
110g White Cabbage
1 Carrot
3 Spring Onions
150g Mayonnaise
1tbsp Wasabi Paste
3tsp Maggi Vegetable Seasoning
Plenty of Salt and Black Pepper
Finely chop the cabbages, carrot and spring onions and mix them with the mayonnaise, wasabi and Maggi. Season with salt and pepper.
Truly, this is both addictive and divine. Wasabi has a taste that if fiery and morish - its wills you to eat more. If you have not come across Maggi before, it is time you found a home in you cupboard for this winner of an ingredient. You can use it in everything, and on everything - including cheese on toast!
We served our yummy concoction with salad, dressed with rapeseed oil and home made chips. If you need instructions to make chips, here they are: Get a big potato - chop into fat chip shape. Heat vegetable oil till it is very hot and then put the chipped potato in it till it goes brown. Do not burn yourself, or set the house on fire.

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