Wednesday 3 July 2013

Preparing a meal

I go to the kitchen!


Loving Lord,
May You who nourishes and sustains all things, bless me as I prepare this meal.
Bless the ingredients I call to hand, and bless the hands of those who brought such gifts to me.
Grant to my soul Your peace and Your joy, and help me to feel the importance of my task.
May this meal be a reflection of Your love, and may it bring peace and joy to our table.
May it nourish, comfort and restore. 
Through it, may those I serve be blessed in body, mind and spirit.
Thank you.

As part of my work I am often asked for prayers to suit different occasions. Today I was asked for a prayer for our school cooks. I couldn't find one, so this transpired. Perhaps some of you know prayers suited to those preparing meals. I was surprised one did not come immediately to hand. Do share if you know one. I'd love a little collection.

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