Friday, 6 May 2011

Have I told you I have dragons?

This one lives outside my window. And he has two friends. I am thinking of naming them, but they should have suitable names.

Because they live outside my window, they have to be good dragons, protectors and keepers of the peace.

I miss my cat Juniper very much, and I think these dragons could become my new pets. I wonder what they eat.

Please give them some names. There are three I can see, two face East and one West.


Silvana said...

I know he doesn't live by the sea, but I think your dragon on his own could be Puff the Magic Dragon.

But if they have to be named as a job lot, then obviously we need names that come in fours. How about

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (if they are religious dragons)
John, Paul, Ringo and George (if musical dragons)
Perrie, Merrie, Dixie and Dominee (if female dragons)
Or, if they are culinary dragons, which I'm sure your dragons must be - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

gemma hutton said...


Cloister said...

I can only see three, so now I am thinking Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior.

I can DO it said Dennis the dragon! I love that story.

Silvana said...

A few more suggestions:
Are your dragons Catholic? - if so, they might like to be called Fisher, More, Campion and Southwell.
Are they Oxonian? - then how about Tolkein, Lewis, Carroll and Dexter?
Of course, if you prefer to alliterate, then some good D names - which are also saintly - include Damien, Dunstan, Dominic and Diego

Silvana said...

We're down to threes now?
Cranmer, Ridley, Latimer - they all perished by fire, so 'twould be appropriate for dragons!

rosamundi said...

Catherine: "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire."

Joan: St Dominic's mother, had a vision of a dog with a torch in its mouth, setting the world on fire.

Dominic: the aforesaid dog with a torch