Monday, 16 June 2008

XII. Jesus Dies

'Show us that you understand what is costs the human being to love'

'The cross shows us love wounded beyond endurance and love affirmed beyond death. It is God's acknowledgement that humankind too bears the wounds of love, that in making us in God's image God made us for love's wounding. How can this be shown? How can this be offered? Come God, let us make you in our image and see you suffer as we do. Tell us you understand. Show us that you know what a parent feels like when a child is murdered. Let us see how you would feel if you were betrayed by those that you trust and abandoned by your friends. Prove to us that your love would not weaken even if you were stripped, abused and humiliated because you would not meet violence with violence. Show us that you understand what it costs the human being to love. Show us that you wouldn't weaken if you had to suffer as we do. Become for us all the love and all the heartache of all the world, but more than that, become for us all the agony and all the dying of the world. Be vulnerable, like us. And show that love's vulnerability is greater than death's annihilating power. Show us that the forces of negation cannot quench love's presence. Let us test you to the limits of your endurance, and then we will forgive you for making us creatures in the image of your crucified love. And if you survive the test, then will you forgive us?'

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