Thursday, 27 March 2008

The moving of my 'inner monk' at Easter

For me Easter is a season when it is time to change things. Sometimes I am a bit radical and change lots of things all at once, and it can make people feel uneasy. Myself and Gemma have been changing Lost Causes recently, and now the main site is all about food. We love food not because we are 'foodies' per se, but because food brings people together and celebrates life. I am always happy in the kitchen, and cooking with fresh ingredients reminds me of all the people I have to thank that I get well fed, every day. For me every meal time is practically a religious experience, and I don't think there is much wrong with that.

However, that is not what I am writing about. You guys, if you have arrived here are probably expecting to see the Stations of the Cross. As far as I have got, they are still here, where you left them. But, in the rush up to Easter I did not have time to fully think through the last part of this journey. Eastertide is not a time to meditate on the passion. It is a time of rejoicing in the resurrection. I will come back to the stations and travel again, but after this season of joy is over.

In the meantime, I have decided to blog about reading, poems, random thoughts and other Lost Causes whatnot here. I hope you don't mind. I like to think that it is just my 'inner monk' moving house in the ether.  It is all part of life's muddled up journey, after all.

Love E

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