Monday, 7 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday - Essential Easter Preparations....

One of my bestest bestest mates ever has been making great things recently. And I, being the nosey parker I am, have been sticking my nose in. Marisa has been making hard liquor. Ace. I try and give up booze for Lent. Marisa tells me that this stuff takes 40 days to brew up nicely. A recipe for Limoncello from a bonfide Bedford Italian is as good as it gets people. Take note. This is what lemons are for on Shrove Tuesday. Lent is all about preparation, right? Celebrate Easter in style...start now. Use all those lemons you bought on special offer because you imagined, in moment of super market madness, that pancakes needed a whole bag of the unwaxed fruits. 

Here is the recipe from Marisa herself:

A few people have asked for this easy-peasy recipe, so here it goes! Feel free to share.

zest of 5 lemons (peel them, avoid pith, then cut into small strips)
175g - 450g of granulated sugar (depending on how sweet you want it. I used 300g)
75ml of water
500ml of vodka

1. Dissolve the sugar in the water by heating in a pan gently.
2. Don't boil it!
3. Leave to cool
4. put zests in sterlised preserving jar.
5. pour in vodka
6. add the cool sugar syrup
7. seal container. store in cool dark place
8. shake twice a week for 30-40 days.
9. after 30-40 days, strain through nylon sieve or 2 layers of muslin. chuck away the lemon zest.
10. pour into sterilised screw cap bottle
11. quaff it over ice

There. That is easy. The waiting is part of Lent, and the excitement of opening and tasting is part of the new joy of the resurrection. Final religious instructions. Save it for Easter Sunday. Drink after long leisurely meal celebrating Easter with friends and family. If you have them, send the kids into the garden to hunt Easter eggs (previously hidden) whilst you enjoy this treat. Alternatively, and I hope to be joining this party in Bedford, invite all your mates round, make them make cake before they come, and quaff over ice :) Thanks Ris :) xxx

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Bonafide London Italian said...

made, tried, tested and quaffed today, Easter Sunday. Recommended & link sent to a few interested friends :)