Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ash Wednesday - We are all made of stars

'From the earth you were taken; dust you are and to dust you will return'. (Gen 3:19). Everything in Christian moral theology begins here. I guess that is why I like Ash Wednesday so much.  Christian theology goes on, of course, to illustrate that we are a 'nothingness that is filled with eternity; death that that teems with life'. This is because God became dust. The dust with which we are marked soaked up his tears.    We are the dust that can live forever.

I have been reading Rahner. Again.  The Eternal Year. I recommend it.

During Lent I am planning to write beautiful vegetarian recipes on Fridays. Vegetarian food is simple, beautiful and joyful. It can be made cheaply and ethically. It is the sustainable way. I believe this, even though I have recently started to eat meat again.  So, much less meat for me in future, and especially during Lent. And some tasty recipes to look forward to :)

Also, I am going to read back over my thoughts about the Stations of the Cross, which I wrote a few years ago now. I might add a few comments here and there.

I think that will be it from here at Cloister.

Have a  happy Lent!

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