Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Polycarp - sounds a bit fishy to me

I have been thinking that all day today and laughing to myself. Fortunately I have been busy, and so have not had time to create any mad posts.  I just can't resist having it as a blog title.

The early Christian acrostic 'ichthus', which means 'fish' and stands for
Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour
For the record, St Polycarp was a disciple of the Evangelist, St John. He was martyred c. 167. His feast day is today. In his life he was tasked with faithfully passing on the teaching of the Gospels. He must have done this very well indeed because it got him killed. That is what happens to the best bishops. Seriously though, his story can be found here.

You could cook carp in his honour, but I don't think it tastes good. Settle for something more simple and delicious. Keep it fishy and you can make my joke. It made me laugh. :)


berenike said...

Huh. Doesn't taste good. Carp rocks.

If you can't be bothered with the bones, (what are a pain) or serving it in jelly (which is the tastiest way), you can make a quick easy very tasty light soup on carp heads.

Cloister said...

:) Thanks Berenike! I have never cooked with Carp so my judgment was prejudicial! Have you a recipe? I would love to give it a go :)