Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Smiling Foods

Hallo All,
I have an impressive collection of cookbooks. I have said before that I have a habit reading them, thinking about loved ones, friends and family. I put post-its in them and write things like: 'When babysitting Joseph' next to the cheesy shepherds pie; 'Stephen home in winter' next to the meat pie on a plate; 'breakfast treat with family' next to fluffy crumpet pancakes with raspberries and honey. Sometimes I just write a name: Gemma; Dan; Clare; Anto; sometimes an initial C in summer; cosy night in with G; sometimes a mood or event - re-energise on a rainy day; cook with friends; party at the flat; home; bring to a party.

The thing about it is, I need some help. I love, more than anything else, to hear about the favourite foods of the people I love. I want to know what they look forward to eating, what can bring a smile to their face, what they fancy when they are tired, after a long walk in the outdoors, for breakfast on a lazy Sunday. I long to know what people think is best for a party, how they like to cook on a weekday, favourite food in the rain.

I mention the rain, of course, because of the weather here in England. It looks like this summer we are going to have to make our own smiles. We are forecast floods and rain until September. It is time to put our wellies on and continue with summer walks and outdoor activities regardless, walking and hiking in the deluge; taking picnics in the car; making friends with waterproof trousers again; learning to love the damp. This means my usual summer menus have been made rather redundant. If you read this, could you do me a favour? Drop me a comment and tell me what foodie delights light up the end of a long day for you. You can leave an anonymous comment, I won't be judging! I just need some inspiration to help me back to my cooking and blogging. I have read these books twice over and I am season and taste bud confused!

I would be very grateful for your thoughts, no matter how short. Write just one word! Write a sentence! Write an essay or a paragraph. 



gemma hutton said...

I sometimes make Keith 'Czech Dinner'. This is loosely based on food we had on our skiing holiday in Czech last year. It involves deep fried cheese, Gouda, Emmental or Edam are all good. dipped in egg and breadcrumbs. Serve with lashings of tartare sauce, potatoes cooked with garlic and maybe rosemary, and a small mountain of homemade coleslaw.

It is good.

Silvana said...

Actually, I have a blogpost brewing about cooking risotto, which is my all-time favourite comfort food, but only if cooked by my mother (RIP) or me.
(But if in a hurry and snacking hot buttered toast will do nicely!)
You can feed me a herb and garlic infused roast chicken, and follow it up with those yummy brownies you made me. That would be a meal made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

I just love food in general and I can never quite decide what my favorite dish is because it depends so much on my mood.

HOWEVER, extravagant breakfast food always, always makes me smile. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Anything from a full English breakfast to a stack of decadent chocolate chip pancakes/ waffles with yoghurt and fruit and lashings of maple syrup/ gooey baked French toast. They're all absolutely sure to make me smile.

(As a side note, I have recently discovered that challah bread soaked overnight and then baked in the morning makes the most extraordinary french toast. Especially if you put maple syrup mixed with melted butter and some toasted pecans in the bottom of the baking tray, then layer the challah on top. Earth shattering.)

- Little E

Kimberly said...

On a rainy day...still warm homemade yeast bread, chunky jam, and butter, and a good mug of tea...

Then...dinner-wise...hm, I do love orechetti pasta with asparagus and kielbasa... But, there's also meatloaf with cottage cheese and tomato, a lot of garlic, etc. served up with roasted potatoes and fresh green beans in a little toss of lime vinagrette/toasted sesame seeds.

Lindsay said...

Anything to remind me of the sun at the moment. For lunch/picnic a sandwich of hummus, roast peppers or other mediterranean vegetables, and tomato with a few olives and a peach or nectarine from Spain.

For dinner anything italian. Roast squash risotto is good with a salad and a glass of white wine of some sort.

Anonymous said...

For when it's raining: piles of pancakes with cinamon sugar and lemon juice, or real butter and maple syrup. Reminds me of the happiest times during my childhood...

When it's cold and grey outside... Stew! It's raining cats and dogs in Cape Town today (a bit like the english summer... (; ) so I've make lamb and tomato stew, with potatoes. Served with basmati rice, it's the ultimate comfort food.

Soup and fresh crusty bread is another winner... Spicy butternut with chili and lemon, brocolli and blue cheese, spicy tomato and lentil... Bread with lashings of butter, of course.

And for desert, few things can beat banana fried in butter, brown sugar and liquer. Served with clotted cream or ice cream, it's the perfect end to a hard day...

Cloister said...

Thank you all for your fabulous comments and ideas! So tasty, and enough to make me smile! You have brought back my inspiration and the summer has arrive too! Xx