Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wordle Reveals Cloisters' heart

This Wordle was created using the RSS feed of my blog. It is reveals the fascinations that turn up repeatedly in the these pages. My friend Silvana started it. She has a gift for words, and likes the way internet toys like this one show up funny combinations. There are a few giggles here too:

'Disciples almost pass'
'Anything Mother'
Love(s) wine much'
'Love Christ Church Renewal'
'Jesus like(s) Easter'
'Joy often'
'Respond (to) life resolutions'
'Rejoice Friday' - typical of a teacher
I like 'Quite Bear', but I am not sure what that means.
There's lots of food in there, but the combination of black pepper and parsley is fairly typical of my taste buds.

The words grow the more you use them. Apparently in April I wrote a lot about Mussels. I like that, because they are my favourite and I have an ambition to cook them in a pot, over a woodfire on a beach as the sun sets. Maybe I should make a wordle from this blog periodically, just to see what themes have been catching my attention.

What can you see?


Silvana rscj said...

Good roasting time
Everyday changes afresh
Little last place
Go church renewal (!)

We should definitely do this more often!

Kimberly said...

One sure born holy
Trees add feet --I like this one
Go church beans!

(I couldn't help adding punctuation on that last one...:) )

It is fun to see the toss of words and what new neighbors create together!