Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Patron Saints of Throw Away, Give Away and Put Away

Every now and then, I go and look at what the statistics say about who comes and reads the posts on this blog. Often I see that people come and see me from other blogs. Then, I, in turn get curious. I go and see their blog, and then the blogs they have chosen to link alongside mine.

Yesterday evening, on one of these little explorations around the blogosphere, I came across this post, at Ask Sister Mary Martha. It made me laugh!

Offering advice to a reader who struggles to keep tidy, Mary Martha recommends three saints, the Patron Saint of Throw Away: St Lawrence, the Patron Saint of Give Away: St Theresa the little flower, and the Patron Saint of Put Away: St Charles Borromeo.

I loved the creative thinking behind her decisions to choose these three. And, having moved house too many times to count in the last three years, I thought her advice was excellent! Have a read, you are sure to enjoy it. I love the fact that the author is called Mary Martha too, nothing like the best of both worlds :-)

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Silvana said...

Teehee - she reminds me of that dour nun in Sister Act, Sr Mary Lazarus, as played by the incomparable Mary Wickes. Reckon she was the scriptwriter's muse?