Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lazy Dayz

I am not someone who has very many lazy days. Today was one of them. The last time I remember staying in bed for so long I was sleeping around my friend Caroline's house. It was a girls weekend, and we had had a fine night talking, playing games and chatting. I was sleeping in Caroline's huge double bed, sharing with her. In the morning I was dead to the world. I could vaguely hear the sounds of friends moving around the house, preparing breakfast, laughing and talking; but, I was still in dreamland. I dreamt that Ric, Caroline's partner, had come home and was wanting to have a snooze, waiting for me to get up. But, I did not want to get up. I dreamt all my friends had gone, and I was still sleeping. Caroline and Ric were downstairs, waiting to move on with their weekend. In reality of course, all my friends were still there and Ric was still away, and even if he had been home, he would not have minded me sleeping. When I finally did make in down the stairs in my PJ's, sometime around 11am, everyone was still there and happy to see me well, rested.

Today I was at home in my flat. My alarm went off as usual about 7am. I turned it off, rolled over and fell straight back into dreams. I love drifting in and out of dream world in the morning, it is a luxury we rarely allow ourselves. And, quite often we feel bad about the time we take out to relax, stay still, sleep, rest. I stayed in bed today, and then read a book. I love drifting in and out of dreamworlds with the passages from novels still drifting around my head, it creates such interesting images, pictures, dreams. Today was bliss. I can now, officially recommend it!

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