Sunday, 20 July 2008

XIII. Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Do you think it was with a sense of relief that Joseph of Arimathea handed the body of Jesus over to Mary? Taking him down from the cross would have been a dangerous mission, but something the secret disciple felt that he had to do. Some of the the Gospels have it that 'he boldly went into the presence of Pilate to ask for the body of Jesus.' Perhaps such boldness was a cover for his trembling heart. He has hidden like everyone else throughout the arrest and crucifixion, but after Jesus' death he finds a sudden courage to make one last gesture of humanity.

Death, sometimes, is an end to inhumanity. That is certainly what this station seems to be about to me. It is filled with tremendous sadness, but also a a heavy hollow hope: nothing worse can happen to him now, he is gone. I am not sure what Mary knew, but that must have been the least of it. No one could have imagined the resurrection.

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